Meet The Band

Get to know your band!


Eric Hendrickson - Guitar / Drums

Eric comes to us from Waupaca and is an attorney out of New London.


Adam Pryor - Piano

Adam is a Wisconsin Rapids native and a frequent sub in the band.  He is now a college Freshman at UW-Madison.

Paul Christensen - Trumpet

Paul is a wood worker extraordinaire from Waupaca.

Mary Nowinski - Tenor Saxophone

Mary is from Stevens Point and teaches band in the Almond-Bancroft School District.

John Johnson - Trumpet

John is new to the Amherst area where he works as................

Greg Biba - Bari Saxophone

Greg is from Waupaca and teaches band at the Waupaca Middle School.

Joel Towey - Trumpet

Joel works for Renaissance Learning and lives in Stevens Point.

Jenny Bellmer - Alto Saxophone

Jenny lives in Stevens Point and works for Worldbuilders and coaches high school gymnastics.


Larry Zunker - Bass Trombone

Larry lives in Stevens Point and is a retired band teacher.


Dave Davies - Trombone

Dave frequently subs in the band.  He is a retired band teacher and splits his time between Wisconsin Rapids and Texas.


Brian Richard - Trombone

Brian lives in Stevens Point and directs music at a local church.


Mark Johnson - Trombone

Mark lives in Stevens Point.


Brian Oberstadt - Saxophone

Brian is a Master Electrician and a professional photographer.


Trea Kimball - Trombone